Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Slide Giveaway

The MCAD Library has recently downsized and decommissioned the old Slide Library as part of our transition to the use of digital images as primary teaching resources.  We now have on hand many thousands of glass-mounted slides in good condition that are of no further use to us.  But we don't want to just toss them in the trash!

Consequently, we will be having a "Great Slide Give-away" this next week for any of you who wish to acquire selected slides for your personal use.  The Give-away will be held in the main reading room of the Library during the week of January 30-February 3.  Give-away slides will be available at a designated light table for your picking and choosing, along with assorted slide boxes and cartons for storage.  We also have available to good homes several surplus slide cabinets and drawers, plus boxed slide carousel trays.  All for the taking!  Select one – or a dozen – or a hundred!

Students are welcome to use these slides in creative projects, and photos of sample projects are available on request.

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