Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prof. K. Byrne curates latest Library exhibition

MCAD Professor, Kevin Byrne has put together an exhibition of published artists' sketchbooks and original sketchbooks by MCAD faculty, which is now on view in the Library. The books, selected from the Library collection and Kevin's personal collection, "in whole or in part examine and/or capture the subject of natural landscapes and/or wildlife."

Facsimile (modern publications that faithfully replicate the original) and other sketchbooks by over 17 different artists including Delacroix, Cezanne, Calder, Kahlo and Thiebaud are presented in the long display case in stack room two. Adjacent to the case are two smaller ones containing original sketchbooks by MCAD faculty. A display case in the center of the main reading room holds additional facutly sketchbooks. These original books were contributed by Rebecca Alm, Kevin Byrne, Jennifer Hibbard, Emily Hoisington, Ursula Husted, Karen Wirth, Russell Mroczek (Prof. Emeritus, 1943-2008) and MCAD President Jay Coogan.

We hope you will examine this interesting group of books inspired by observations made in nature that are primary documents of the creative process. The exhibit will run during this semester through spring break, and pages of some of the featured books will change during the course of the show. The Library would like to thank Kevin Byrne for bringing this insightful body of material together for us all to enjoy.

See you in the Library!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Studio Furniture: now in the MCAD gallery, learn more about it in the Library

Want see more examples of work by the designers in the Next Generation show, find out about other leading makers of studio furniture and developments in the practice over the last few decades? Then come to the Library! We've assembled a bounty of lavishly illustrated books and magazines about studio furniture & its designers from the collection. They're on display NOW in the main reading room. Check us out!