Friday, November 18, 2011

MCBA's Winter Books from the Artists' Books Collection are on display!

Since 1988, MCBA's annual Winter Book has engaged artists, designers, papermakers, printers, bookbinders and community volunteers in producing a handmade, limited edition artist's book featuring poetry or prose by a Minnesota author.

The 7th annual Winter Book, The West Pole, features handmade paper and walnut stained cover papers.

The 8th annual Winter Book is hand bound with handmade paper over boards, enclosed in a box, with a removable print.

The 13th annual Winter Book, Ice Walk, features paper bound text and 10 loose prints in glasine sleeves, all housed in cloth-bound portfolio letterpress printing.

The 17th annual Winter Book, There is No Other Way to Speak, features illustrations and letterpressed text with an exposed long-stitch binding.

The 2011 Winter Book, Come and Get It, will be released December 10th! For more information, visit: MCBA

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