Thursday, August 25, 2011

Art School, Time in, Time out: 125 Years of Student Life

From 1886 to now students have had to accomplish similar goals although often by different means. Just as in the early days, students have arrived on campus in an excited but perhaps puzzled state of mind.  They have had to discover where to go, how to finance classes, with whom to study and what their goals really are.  Along the way, they have learned how prior artists have excelled, how to use materials and tools, how to finish and display their work and how to broaden their ideas. In contrast to working hard, students have also discovered the fun and camaraderie of being in clubs and organizations.  Additionally, they have found friends with whom they can enjoy meals and entertainment or with whom they can talk about their problems and plan their futures.

These are the unchanging actions that students have experienced through 125 years at our school whether it was named Minneapolis School of Fine Arts, Minneapolis School of Art or Minneapolis College of Art & Design.  We have selected some photographs and printed ephemera about our students' experiences and displayed them in the library's Stack Room Two. We invite you to come in and see them.

Eva Hyvarinen, Visual Resource Assistant

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