Friday, July 22, 2011

Burnet Gallery Features Our MFA Students

Tonight, Friday, July 22nd from 6-9pm is the opening for fifteen of our MFA students at Burnet Gallery. If you miss this you can see the show until 11 Sept. This should be a fun event and an opportunity to see some great new art and meet these emerging artists.

We have been fortunate in the library to have had two of these students, Zhongze Lu and Amit Tishler, work for us which they have done very efficiently and competently. I worked with Zhongze Lu during this last year and have had the privilege to have seen some of his artworks as he was working on them. They are very lushly colored fantasies often populated with women and birds in unexpected places. You can see in them what I see in Zongze - a magical quality. The first time I saw him was on the first day of classes last fall. I happened to be right behind him as he entered our main gallery doors. He paused and spun slowly around as if to take in the sights around him and then when he saw he wasn't alone he smiled in a sweet dreamy way. I knew right away he was different and had a gift for loving life. He seems to live in awe of the world and to see the beauty and kindness in everyone. I look forward to seeing his visions on paper.

Go to the show and find out what the world can look like as seen through the eyes of Zhongze and our other artists. It will expand your own outlook.

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