Monday, March 14, 2011

Dane Cree, Drawing & Painting major recommends....

The Library thanks Dane Cree, Drawing and Painter major, for sharing his picks for what inspires him from the Library’s collection.  It is the fifth in our series of displays of material relating to MCAD majors selected by students.  Enjoy!!

Dane Cree
The items I’ve chosen have found their way into my life, some more recently than others, and have stuck with me. Much of the work can be described as psychological, erotic and bold. These artists have made an impact on the way I think about art.  There are a few that stand out in my mind as especially noteworthy.

Ray Johnson: An artist who began painting stripes and morphed into a collagist and performance artist. He is someone that I admire for both the art he created as well as the way in which he conducted himself throughout his life. A book titled Ray Johnson: Correspondences and a documentary film called How to Draw a Bunny are both worth looking at.

Hans Bellmer: A great draftsman who created unusual drawings, photos and sculptures grasp my attention. The nature of his work may be disturbing in the eyes of some, but quite fascinating to others. Well-drafted, psychological, sexually charged imagery is a common theme in his work. If that combination of words excites you, then you need to have a look at the books titled Hans Bellmer.

Chris Cunningham: Most known for his distinctly unusual music videos directed for Bjork and Aphex Twin, as well as other artists. The distorted realities that he creates bring out the essence in the music for which they were created. I would recommend watching both The Work of Director Chris Cunningham along with the grotesque, 6 min. film for musician Aphex Twin titled, Rubber Johnny. Don’t forget to look at the booklet that comes with if you happen to enjoy his work.

I find great inspiration in people who are multifaceted especially those who live their lives from one creation to the next. This combination of books and DVDs encourages me to continue to look beyond the content contained within them as I make my way through life. Whether I’m laying paint on canvas, drawing hundreds of frames for an animation or performing; I can always look back at the artists that created before me and be excited by what they did with their time.

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