Monday, February 28, 2011

Emily Pope, photography major, recommends.....

For the second of the Library’s changing displays of materials relating to MCAD’s majors, Emily Pope, Photography, has made selections that inspire her investigations in the major.  Below are her comments about what she has chosen.

Stop by the Library, have a look for yourself, and check these things out!

Emily Pope
The books I chose for the display of library material relating to my major are a mix of photographic works well known by those in the major, and a few personal favorites.  All of them show an amazing sense of beauty, composition, and subject matter that immortalized the changing moments of their time.

One of my favorite books is Brassaï’s Paris By Night - a beautiful collection that captures the nightlife of 1930’s Paris through striking cityscapes and an array of impromptu portraits. Not only are the photographs themselves gorgeous, but the format of the book is striking in itself.

Another must read is Sze Tsung Leong’s History Images. Leong captures images of traditional cities and buildings overcome by urbanization and construction – and in doing so depicts history in the midst of disappearing. His images capture a crossing point between two realities - the soon forgotten stories and lives of the past, and those that have yet to unfold in the near and ongoing future.

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