Friday, January 28, 2011

Lars Martinson's Tonoharu Part Two

Nakasu-Kawabata at Sunset, front cover of Tonoharu part two

The Library is pleased to inform you that we have a copy of Lars Martinson's latest graphic novel, Tonoharu (Part Two).  It is the second in what will be a four-part series that tells the story of a group of foreigners living in Fukuoa-Ken, Japan.  Stop by and have a look at it before his lecture this Tuesday, Feb. 1 @ 1pm in auditorium 150.  It will be on display in the Main Reading room this week and available for regular check out after that period.
Pictured here is the cover illustration, Nakasu-kawabata at Sunset, the second in a series entitled Four Views of Fukuoka-ken, which according to Martinson is "informed" by the work of Hokusai.  Fukouoka-ken or Fukuoka City is the capitol of Fukuoka prefecture in the southern part of Japan.  Nakasu-kawabata is an area of the city known for its high end shopping as well as its red light district.  

Click here to see more illustrations from Tonoharo Part Two on Lars' blog.

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